I help high achieving women with stressful lifestyles to FEEL WHOLE again by making

the RIGHT FOOD and LIFESTYLE choices.

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Welcome to My Platform

I constantly struggle with skin issues.

I am bloated and low energy after eating. 

I am anxious and experience mood swings for no reason.

I crave sugar and feel stressed all the time.

I don't remember the last time I had a good night sleep.

I feel lost and confused as to what should I eat.

I think I eat healthy but I still feel unwell.

If that sounds like YOU...

Well, we kinda need to talk!


Dreamer. Doer. Nature Lover

and more importantly, 


Nutritional therapist

who is passionate to help people like me so that you don't miss out on living life to the fullest for too long!


I am a small-town girl with big dreams, who strongly believes in the healing power of nutrition and time spent in nature.

Anita Andor nutritional therapist

hello, I am Anita

Fancy a little read About Me?


"Anita has been recommended to me and she didn’t disappoint. She went way beyond the usual health and nutritional review to get to the core of my problems.

I loved the way Anita listened to all details and based her recommendations on a holistic approach including not only the right level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients but also reasonable lifestyle changes and mental health improvements.

She provided me with a thorough, well-researched report and easy to follow guidelines which have proven very useful in my day-to-day life.

Anita is also a ray of sunshine and a bundle of positive energy who radiates optimism and joy. I’ve felt lightened of my load after our first two sessions - I’ll be definitely back!"

—  V. Pimper, London


Hormonal Imbalance

Gut Health

Skin Health


Stress & Anxiety

Low Mood & Stamina


Weight Management