random facts about Me
  1. I eat 2 big bowls of vegetables 6 days a week

  2. I laugh every single day

  3. I am a hug addict

  4. I cannot imagine life without exercising 

  5. I am obsessed with cocoa energy balls and coffee

  6. I am a big fan of food combining 

  7. In love with sourdough

my all-time favourite rule:

" Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognise as food. "

-Michael Pollan

My approach

  • Personalized Nutrition Advice 

  • High-Quality Supplementation 

  • Holistic Coaching

My Philosophy: Eat To Live

Meet Anita. On A Serious Note

I wasn't always this confident.

And my partying years (just for the record we are talking my 20s!) wasn't only fun. I also overworked myself in different jobs that instead of bringing me joy only punched me with stress! I also cleverly took the pill for over 10 years without taking a break from it. I spent over a decade with cystic acne, PMS, hormonal imbalance, and severe gut issues. I also developed hayfever, skin rashes, and food intolerances. It was challenging times with suicidal thoughts due to my looks and health challenges. I lost the will to socialise for quite some time. During my early 30s, I lost my father to pancreatic cancer which sent me off to anxiety and depression for a couple of months.

My hunch is that frequent antibiotics usage in childhood, loads of partying with not enough sleep, being on the pill, emotional fragility, and a highly stressful lifestyle were all part of my journey.


My health challenges and the loss of my father to cancer lead me to evidence-based nutrition studies. I deep-dived into alternative healing and naturopathic nutrition, which soon became my passion and purpose. To formalise my passion, I qualified at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London.

My view on food 
I believe in whole foods and eating the rainbow. I love cooking from scratch, tasty and simple dishes made with clean, nutrient-dense ingredients. I always think of my hormones when I do my groceries. 

My coaching style 

I always ask you if you prefer soft or hard coaching styles.

My background

Bringing a wealth of research and analytical skills from my corporate careers to the nutrition field. 

Anita Andor is member of the following bodies:

BANT registered Nutritional Therapist
CNHC registered nutritional therapist
ANP registered nutritional therapist