ONE-OFF Sessions

90 or 45min


The 90 min sessions consist of a COMPREHENSIVE Health Assessment; exploring current and past health issues, diet and lifestyle, family and medical history. 

The 45 min sessions are follow-up /maintenance sessions after the initial consultation or after having completed a programme.

I usually recommend a minimum of 2-3 individual sessions to achieve YOUR GOALS. 


note: I offer two weeks of email support after the consultation.

10WEEKs GET THE GLOW programme


I am here for you. I have been there.


This programme is for you if you are struggling with ACNE. I am bringing my own personal experience and nutrition studies to achieve that Glowing Complexion you have been longing for.

The programme includes THREE DIFFERENT PILLARS:




  • 1 x 90 min initial consultation

  • 4 x 30 min check-in sessions to ensure you are on track 

  • hormonal tests assessment (the test prices are not included in the package)

  • all topical tips are natural 

3 month makeover



 REBOOT and RE-SET your body and mind!


Recommended for:
  • Low Stamina
  • Weight Management

  • Hormonal and Skin Issues

  • Enhancing detoxification capacity

  • Histamine Sensitivity

  • Allergies

What happens when you join the Makeover Programme?

  • 1 x 90 min initial consultation

  • 5 x 45 min check-in sessions to ensure you are on track 

  • laboratory and functional tests assessment (the test prices are not included in the package)


  • Meal Planning (customised)

  • 7 days Detox Recommendations

  • Weekly Email Support

6month repair



If you are struggling with CHRONIC HEALTH PROBLEMS and/or have been diagnosed with an AUTOIMMUNE condition this is your go-to!

Chronic and autoimmune conditions need extra commitment and time to allow the body to return to its balanced state. 


This programme does exactly that! 


Autoimmunity often is the result of MULTIPLE IMBALANCES. Identifying the root cause may require more time. Illnesses DO NOT develop overnight. They take years in most cases and so HEALING also takes time.


The package consists of everything included in the 3 months makeover programme plus:

  • 4 extra 30 mins check-in sessions


  • Meal Planning (customised)

  • 7 days Detox Recommendations

  • Weekly Email Support

  • Free Adrenal Stress Profile Test

  • Leaky Gut Protocol


You ALWAYS receive a personalised plan that suits your UNIQUE needs

You RECEIVE 15% off from supplements ordered through me

Initial Consultations are always via Video Medium

Follow-Up Sessions can be arranged via Audio only

Upon booking and paying for your session/plan you will receive the following:

  1. Client Questionnaire

  2. 5-day Food Diary

  3. Terms and Conditions

note: return them to me 3 days prior to the consultation

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